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Types of Loans

Fund your business with supportive schemes

Whether you're a small business that's just starting out or a company affected by COVID-19, we have schemes that help you get on the right track.


Fair, flexible loan plans that don't cost you an arm and a leg

Compare accounts
Great interest rates
For loans up to £25,000, the interest rate is 7% APR (fixed), with no early repayment fees.
Pay back on the go
See exactly when your payments are due, what amount is due and how many payments are left all in our mobile app.
Convenience first
Choose a monthly repayment date that suits you, so you are never skipping coffees to pay back loans.
Support that's human
Not sure about the details of the loan you need? Need help with a second loan? We're here to help, 24/7.
Loans that suit you
If you're a limited Company that's trading for more than 18 months with a good credit history, we're the right fit!
Apply from anywhere
We make applying for loans easy - fill the form in minutes from anywhere, any time, through our mobile app!

Simple pricing, no surprises.

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Built for business
Fixed Deposit Cushion
Customised Account Number
Mehrere Kantone
ATM transactions at HDFC
Plus the essentials
AMC Waiver for 1st year
Discounted Pricing
Zero Account Opening
Merchant Alliances
eligibility and terms

All you need to know

Lifestyle Benefits :
One Year Epicure Membership of Taj Innere.
Free Domestic Lounge Access on your Elite Card
Amazon Pay Gift Card worth  $600/-
H&M voucher worth $300/-
Healthcare Benefits :
Apollo Pharmacy voucher worth $500/-
Insurance cover up to $50K on your Upper Business Account.
Air Accident Cover of $1000 on your Bluebird Card.
Family Banking benefits through our HNW program.
Lifestyle Benefits :
One Year Epicure Membership of Taj Innere. ClickTerms & Conditions
Free Domestic Lounge Access on your
Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs 1,000/-.
Myntra voucher worth Rs 1,000/-. Click here to know Terms & Conditions
Healthcare Benefits :
Apollo Pharmacy voucher worth Rs 1,000/-. Click here to know Terms
Insurance cover up to Rs.10 Lakhs on
Air Accident Cover of Rs. 1 Cr on your
Family Banking benefits through our HNW program
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Produkte von Ploy, für Sie entwickelt.

Personal Loan

No collaterals. No security. Quick, supportive loans.
100% Digital Documentation

Auto Loan

100% financing on select vehicles
Affordable EMIs with negligible paperwork

Home Loan

Buy a new home or refurbish your current one easily
Low interest rates and comfortable repayment options

Joint Account

Share your money and double it with an accessible joint account
Separate cards and easy expenditure tracking

Current Account

Protect your money with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Get amazing returns on your savings every month

Savings Account

Enjoy a zero balance savings account
Get full financial visibility and keep your savings and spending money separate.